India’s only Result Guarantee* Course

High Performance Coaching System

How we ensure Result for Each Child?

Personalized & Futuristic Teaching

Two way Audio and Video – Ensure that the student is engaged &  understands the concepts.

In-class practice – Ensures not only learning but also applying, for being fully ready for the exam.

In-class doubts – All the doubts are resolved in the class itself to make students doubt-free.

Daily Homework – For every one hour class we give 3-4 hours of practice work.

Data-Driven Practice

At PracBee, we focus on rigorous, guided daily practice for effective results in JEE & NEET.

Malcol Gladwell's 10,000 Rule modified for JEE/NEET

If you have practised 25,000 questions, you will surely get admission in IIT or top Medical college.

Average JEE/NEET aspirant practices 15-20 questions per day

PracBee student practices 50-60 questions per day

IITians/Doctors as Teachers

We use the best teachers available trained especially in Personalized teaching and ensuring each student learns effectively.

Himanshu Mamtani
HoD Chemistry

IIT Kanpur; 7+ years of teaching experience

Puran Chand
HoD Physics

IIT-Delhi (2008); 8+ years of experience

Devesh Singh
HoD Math

IIT-Delhi (2008) ;10+ years of experience

Gaurav Prakash
Physics Faculty

IIT-Delhi (2007),
Physics Author, 11+ years of experience

Shival Kathe
Math Faculty

IIT-Delhi (2009); 11+ years of experience

Amandeep Singh

Amandeep Singh
Math Faculty

IIT-Delhi (2007); 10+ years of experience

Dr Ameer Abbas

Dr. Ameer Abbas
HoD Biology

PhD.; 10+ years of teaching experience

Individual Mentoring

Each child has unique strengths and capabilities and we mentor them individually for consistent progress.

Researched framework of mentoring

Periodic Upskilling

Helping maintain discipline & practice

Practice resolving personal & academic issues

Our Achievers

                                       What makes PracBee very different and unique?

                                                                  PracBee Vs. Others

Large Offline Institutes
Large Online Institutes
Batch of 1 or 7 students ✔️
Personalized Mentoring by Senior Teachers ✔️ Very rare By Junior teachers
Real Personalized attention ✔️
Guided Practice ✔️
Very Good Teachers ✔️ As per center location ✔️
Target is result for each student ✔️ For Top 2-3 % students Few results
Result guarantee ✔️
Doubt solving in class ✔️ Not all doubts Rarely
Video and Audio on for students ✔️
Entire class Live Online ✔️ ✔️

What makes PracBee very different and unique?

PracBee Vs. Others

FeaturePracBeeLarge Offline InstitutesLarge Online Institutes
Batch of 1 or 6 students✔️
Personalized Mentoring by Senior Teachers✔️Very rareBy junior teachers
Real Personalized attention✔️
AI-led Guided Practice✔️
Very Good Teachers✔️As per center location✔️
Result Guarantee for each student✔️For top 2-3 % studentsFew results
Doubt solving in class✔️Not all doubtsRarely
Video and Audio on for students✔️
Entire class Live Online✔️✔️
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Years of combined teaching experience
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Teachers Rating
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Cities & 5 Countries
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Students taught
0 +
Students in top IITs and NITs

What students & parents say about us

Rishav Ganguly

Anushka Rao

Arnav Meshram

Amogh A Bhardawaj

Vedaank Buddaraju

The PracBee effect

Parents love our teaching method

Students improved their exam score

Students start practicing more

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What you get when you Enroll with us

We ensure every student is fully equipped to improve their learning significantly

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Personal Mentor

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