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HoDs And Faculty

A team of passionate IITians who have set out to reinvent the Gurukul system online. They know what it takes to realize a dream and that is what motivates them every day to come out and help students through their experience & revolutionary teaching style.

Gaurav Prakash

Co-Founder, Senior Physics Faculty, B.Tech. IIT-Delhi (2007), NEET Physics Author; 12+ years of experience

Shival Kathe

Co-Founder, Senior Maths Faculty,
B.Tech IIT-Delhi (2009), 11+ years of experience.

Devesh Kumar Singh

HoD Maths, Master’s from IIT-Delhi; 10+ years of experience

Yudhvir Singh Parmar

Yudhvir Singh Parmar

Physics Faculty, B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD from IIT Kanpur, 30 years of teaching experience

Puran Chand

HoD Physics, B.Tech from IIT-Delhi (2008); 8+ years of experience

Himanshu Mamtani

HoD Chemistry, Bachelors & Master’s in Chemistry, IIT Kanpur; 8+ years of experience

Aashish Bhaskar

Physics Faculty. B.Tech. IIT-Delhi (2009), 11+ years of experience

Amrita Kumari

Senior Chemistry Faculty, B.Tech - IIT BHU (2014); 8+ years of experience

Amandeep Singh

Amandeep Singh

Maths Faculty, B.Tech, IIT Delhi (2007), 10+ years of experience

Goutam Pal

Chemistry Faculty, IIT Kharagpur, 4+ years of JEE teaching experience

Rohit Dalal

Rohit Dalal

Physics Faculty, Master’s in Physics, IIT Delhi, 3+ years of experience

Dr. Pranjali Bumrela

Dr. Pranjali Bumrela

Biology Faculty, Medical graduate from Maharashtra University of Health sciences

Dr. Snigdha Anand

Senior Chemistry Faculty, M.B.B.S., NEET AIR-916, 9+ Years of experience

Dr Ameer Abbas

Dr. Ameer Abbas

Biology Faculty, Phd. in Microbiology, 10+ years of teaching experience

ria mishra

Ria Mishra

Chemistry Faculty, NIT Warangal, 3+ years of teaching experience

Rupesh Goit

Senior Physics Faculty, B.Tech, NIT Warangal. 8+ years of teaching experience

Chanchal Bhardwaj

Chanchal Bhardwaj

Physics Faculty, B.Tech. NIT Kurukshetra, & M.Sc. (Physics), 10+ years of teaching experience

Sayan Goon

Chemistry Faculty, Masters in science (Chemistry) from NIT, Warangal

Shivangi Srivastava

Chemistry Faculty, Master's in Analytical chemistry from NIT, Warangal


Senior Biology Faculty, Master’s (Delhi University), Ex-Aakash Faculty, 7+ years of teaching experience

Nirbhay Aggarwal

Nirbhay Agarwal

Maths Faculty, B.E. and M.Tech, 9+ years of teaching experience

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Physics Faculty, B.Tech. Electrical Engineering, 8+ years of teaching experience

Nivedita Sharma

Nivedita Sharma

Chemistry Faculty, BSc. & MSc. in Chemistry, 6+ years of experience in teaching

Amit kashyap

Amit kashyap

Physics Faculty, B.Tech, MERI Kolkata, 6+ years of experience

Prince Singla

Prince Singla

Math Faculty, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, 8+ years of experience in teaching