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HoDs And Faculty

A team of passionate IITians who have set out to reinvent the Gurukul system online. They know what it takes to realize a dream and that is what motivates them every day to come out and help students through their experience & revolutionary teaching style.

Gaurav Prakash

Co-Founder, Senior Physics Faculty, B.Tech. IIT-Delhi (2007), NEET Physics Author; 12+ years of experience

Shival Kathe

Co-Founder, Senior Maths Faculty,
B.Tech IIT-Delhi (2009), 11+ years of experience.

Devesh Kumar Singh

HoD Maths, Master’s from IIT-Delhi; 10+ years of experience

Puran Chand

HoD Physics, B.Tech from IIT-Delhi (2008); 8+ years of experience

Amrita Kumari

Senior Chemistry Faculty, B.Tech - IIT BHU (2014); 8+ years of experience

Himanshu Mamtani

HoD Chemistry, Bachelors & Master’s in Chemistry, IIT Kanpur; 8+ years of experience

Amandeep Singh

Maths Faculty, B.Tech, IIT Delhi (2007), 10+ years of experience

Goutam Pal

Chemistry Faculty, IIT Kharagpur, 4+ years of JEE teaching experience

Dr. Ameer Abbas

HoD Biology, Phd. in Microbiology, 10+ years of teaching experience

Dr. Pranjali Bumrela

Biology Faculty, Medical graduate from Maharashtra University of Health sciences

Ria Mishra

Chemistry Faculty, NIT Warangal, 3+ years of teaching experience

Shivangi Srivastava

Chemistry Faculty, Master's in Analytical chemistry from NIT, Warangal

Chanchal Bhardwaj

Physics Faculty, B.Tech. NIT Kurukshetra, & M.Sc. (Physics), 10+ years of teaching experience

Sayan Goon

Chemistry Faculty, Masters in science (Chemistry) from NIT, Warangal

Nirbhay Agarwal

Maths Faculty, B.E. and M.Tech, 9+ years of teaching experience

Amit Kumar

Physics Faculty, B.Tech. Electrical Engineering, 8+ years of teaching experience

Nivedita Sharma

Chemistry Faculty, BSc. & MSc. in Chemistry, 6+ years of experience in teaching

Prince Singla

Math Faculty, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, 8+ years of experience in teaching

Rajat Jha

Chemistry Faculty, from IIT, 3+ years of experience in teaching and Career Counseling.