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Small and Medium Coaching

If you run a small to medium Coaching institute or an individual who can teach one subject for JEE/NEET and need help to improve your students’ results in JEE and NEET exams, partner with us.


If you are a new or even established school looking for excellent JEE/NEET results for your students to be able to enhance your brand as well, partner with us and see your students’ results improve significantly.

Become an Associate

If you want to be in education, are at least a graduate, want to work from home part-time, and earn up to 1 Lakh per month through your network then associate with us.

Talk to JEE/NEET aspirants and their parents and tell them about PracBee courses and let us know if they are interested. 

You get your revenue share. Yes it’s that simple.

Who we are

We are a High-Performance Coaching System founded by 3 senior IITians, and we focus on results for each student that we teach. We teach in batches of 5 or just 1, and our focus remains on Practice, tracking and mentoring to be able to send all students to their respective dream colleges. We are totally online, which helps us utilize the best teachers and methods while keeping the costs low. We are based in Noida and do not have any Physical centers anywhere. We will never get into any Physical coaching as well.

How we can help you?

Give us 5-10 of your bright students whom you feel can bring excellent results if they are trained really hard and in a structured manner. We will take care of their academics, their self-study and their self-study so that they are able to crack the exams and go to their dream colleges.

If you are facing issues with handling one or more subjects for the entire batch, we can handle that as well for your students. We are able to keep minimal charges due to our Online delivery and very structured content and pedagogy.

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Please fill this form and we will call you back. Or you can also WhatsApp/Call on this number directly.