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Reinventing Gurukul System Online


Result for each student by helping to improve their learning through a scientific and structured method of live classes in very small batches, guided practice, tracking daily progress and regular mentoring. It is aided by AI enabled Practice Platform and Recommendation system along with empathetic and personalized attention from teachers.

Who we are?

The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students. We come with diverse set of creative skills besides their teaching experience, which has helped them develop this holistic but highly effective learning method. It helps each student become their best. Together we have developed this extremely potent learning method, which we believe is reinventing Indian gurukul system in an online environment.

We aim to be the most admired Personalized Learning company in India. Right now we are fully focused on IIT-JEE and NEET exams.  PracBee is a mix of two words: Practice and Bee. We believe that constant and smart practice leads to guaranteed results. And we facilitate that in our courses. 

Leadership Team

Mohan Prasad, Co-founder

IIT-Delhi, IIM-Lucknow 11+ years experience in Bytedance,Meritnation,Career Launcher and HCL.

Shival Kathe, Co-founder

IIT Delhi (2009); 11+ years of experience in JEE teaching and mentoring, academics and operations.

Gaurav Prakash, Co-founder

IIT Delhi (2007), Physics book Author,12+ years of experience of coaching, tutoring and mentoring.

Faculty & HoD

Gaurav Prakash
Co-Founder, Senior Physics Faculty

B.Tech. IIT-Delhi (2007), NEET Physics Author; 12+ years of experience.

Shival Kathe
Co-Founder, Senior Maths Faculty

B.Tech IIT-Delhi (2009), 11+ years of experience.

Mohan Prasad
Co-Founder, Fast Solving Expert

B.Tech IIT-Delhi (2008), MBA IIM-Lucknow (2010)

Puran Chand
HoD, Physics

B.Tech from IIT-Delhi (2008); 8+ years of experience.

Himanshu Mamtani
HoD, Chemistry

Bachelors & Master’s in Chemistry, IIT Kanpur; 8+ years of experience.

Devesh Singh
HoD, Mathematics

Master’s from IIT-Delhi; 10+ years of experience.

Amrita Kumari
Senior Chemistry Faculty

B.Tech - IIT BHU (2014); 8+ years of experience.

Ria Mishra
Chemistry Faculty

NIT Warangal, 3+ years of teaching experience.

Goutam Pal
Chemistry Faculty

IIT Kharagpur, 4+ years of JEE teaching experience.

Amandeep Singh
Mathematics Faculty

B.Tech, IIT Delhi (2007), 10+ years of experience

Dr. Pranjali Bumrela
Biology Faculty

Medical graduate from Maharashtra University of Health sciences.

Dr. Ameer Abbas
Biology Faculty

Phd. in Microbiology, 10+ years of teaching experience.

Chanchal Bhardwaj
Physics Faculty

B.Tech. NIT Kurukshetra, & M.Sc. (Physics), 10+ years of teaching experience.

Prince Singla
Math Faculty

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, 8+ years of experience in teaching.

Amit Kumar
Physics Faculty

B.Tech. Electrical Engineering, 8+ years of teaching experience.

Nirbhay Agarwal
Maths Faculty

B.E. and M.Tech, 9+ years of teaching experience.

Shivangi Srivastava
Chemistry Faculty

Master's in Analytical chemistry from NIT, Warangal.

Sayan Goon
Chemistry Faculty

Masters in science (Chemistry) from NIT, Warangal.

Nivedita Sharma
Chemistry Faculty

BSc. & MSc. in Chemistry, 6+ years of experience in teaching.

Ramesh Kayala
Physics Faculty

25+ years of experience in teaching,MSc Andra University.

Abhinav Tripathi
Mathematics Faculty

Btech from UPTTI Kanpur, 6+ Years of experience in teaching and 3+ years in Ed-tech.

Rajat Jha
Chemistry Faculty from IIT, 3+ years of experience in teaching and Career Counseling.

Team PracBee

Admissions Department

Sanjiv Jain
Chief Mentor

IIT Roorkee Gold Medalist, 1977 Batch.

Manisha Chaurasia
Assistant Manager Admissions

10+ years of experience in Counselling and Business Development.

Sanjeevani Verma
Admission Officer

MBA from Amity University, 6+ years of experience.

Ankita Dutta
Admission Officer

Bachelor’s in Business Administration Marketing.

Vikas Mishra
Admission Officer

Bachelor’s in Business Administration, 5+
years of experience in Ed-tech.

Paramita Halder
Admission Officer

Bachelor’s in Science, 2+
years of experience in counselling.

Marketing & Operations Department

Sandeep Bhandari
Head of Digital Marketing

12+ years of experience in Digital marketing across MNCs including Accenture.

Gagan Vaid
Academic Operations

7+ years of experience in Academic Operations.

Nishitha Sharma
Marketing Manager

MBA from PES University, 4+ years of experience in Marketing and Content.

Akash Kushwah
Academic Operations

2+ years of experience in Academic Operations.

Yogesh Kumar
Academic Operations

10+ years of experience in Academic and Content Operations.

Muskan Goel
Human Resources Assistant

2+ years of experience in HR Operations

Charu Goyal
Junior Software Engineer

Btech from Sharda University, 1+ year of experience.

Malika Thapa
Chat Support Executive