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5 Steps to Success in IIT JEE Exam

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5 Steps to Success in NEET Exam

Download this FREE eBook to get the best preparation guide for NEET 2022/23. Get subject wise prep strategy , important topics and a lot more with this eBook

Why PracBee?

Personalized and Futuristic One-on-One Teaching

Our coaching model is based on one to one teaching which is focused around personalized and dedicated attention to individual students.

IITian/Doctors/Experienced Teachers

Learn from IITians/Doctors and Experienced teachers who have gone through the journey themselves. We not only teach, but also guide and mentor students throughout the rigorous preparation process.

Guided, Daily Practice

Daily practice is the only way to prepare effectively for JEE & NEET exam. At PracBee, we focus on building concepts through rigorous, guided practice.

Strategy and Mentoring Sessions

Each child has unique strengths and capabilities and is at different preparation level. Our personalized, 1:1 strategy sessions help define a clear preparation plan for JEE & NEET exam.

Cracking “Tough” Topics

We focus on strengthening core concepts, building on existing knowledge and doubt solving across “tough” topics for each student.

Clear Refund Policy

At PracBee, our job is to help you succeed in your dream exam. If at any point, you are not happy with our classes, we refund your monney – no questions aksed (On pro-rata basis).

Faculty & HoD

Gaurav Prakash
HoD, Physics

He is an IIT-Delhi graduate (2007), a Physics book Author with 12+ years of experience in teaching for JEE and NEET with Dainik Jagran, Vidyamandir, IIT Home to name a few.

Shival Kathe
HoD, Maths

He is an IIT-Delhi graduate (2009) with 11+ years of teaching experience for JEE Main and Advanced. He has been involved in Academics and Operations in the coaching industry.

Puran Chand
Senior Physics Faculty

He is a B.Tech from IIT-Delhi (2008) and has over 8 years of teaching experience for JEE and NEET in Tayal classes (Kota), Eqourse (Kota) and Unacademy. He has also worked for Maruti.

Devesh Singh
Senior Math Faculty

He has Master’s degree holder from IIT-Delhi and holds 10+ years of experience in organizations like Educomp Learning, Vidyamandir, Rahmans30 Gulf students. (In association with Super 30Patna)

Rupesh Goit
Senior Physics Faculty

He is a B.Tech from from NIT Warangal. He has over 8+ years of teaching experience for JEE & NEET. He has worked for Aakash Institute for 8 Years.

Himanshu Mamtani
HoD, Chemistry

He holds a Bachelors & Master’s degree from IIT Kanpur and has 7+ years of experience in teaching Chemistry for JEE and NEET preparation.

Success Stories

“Shival Sir is one of the most impactful teachers I have met. Be it his unique way of explaining considerably hard maths concepts easily, or his critical time management and exam temperament tips, he helped me at every stage of my preparation. Meeting him gave me a different and deeper understanding of what I was lacking. I feel lucky to have been taught by him.”

Ayush Garg


“Shival Sir has the incredible ability to take convoluted concepts and break them down into intuitive nuggets of knowledge. While my time as his student I couldn’t admire less his ability to relate mathematical concepts to the day-to-day phenomenon. I’m eternally grateful to him for giving me a strong foundation in math.”

Akshat Prakash

Computer Science; Carnegie Mellon University

They provided me with all the help in my drop year for JEE Mains from the comfort of my home. They have a talented team which made my learning interesting.

Nitish Itankar

NIT Rourkela

“Gaurav sir has helped my daughter connect to Physics better than she had done school or her coaching. She has got her confidence back and looks forward to the classes. The daily practice tracker also helps me check how effective the learning is. “

Pratima Madhukar


“The One-on-one classes by Pracbee teachers has really helped my son understand concepts in depth. The teachers are ready to explain the same concept as long as it takes to clarify it. They are always available for doubts. But most importantly they have instilled a love for practice in my son. Much better than the reputed national coaching my son attended for 2 years.”

Anu Baranwal


“Teachers cleared my weak concepts. Shival sir motivated me a lot and also helped me to create my own strategy for solving the paper. What helped me the most was that Shivaal and Gaurav sir helped me in creating a strategy to maximize my score. My suggestion to students would be to focus more on NCERT books (especially chemistry) and to have clear concepts.”

Ananya Madan

94.65; JEE Main Feb 2021

“I took my live online classes with PracBee for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Their course turned out to be transformational for me and helped me in maximizing my score. Teachers were available 24*7 for my doubt solving and classes gave me that much-needed guidance and push which eventually showed in my results. I would suggest all JEE aspirants trust PracBee and its mentorship.”

Jaspreet Randhawa

IIT Delhi(CSE)

Frequently Asked Questions

One to one learning is where there is only one student learning from the teacher. So that the teacher is totally focused on the student, can easily track progress and pay individual attention at all times. And the student can also feel free to learn at a pace suitable to them and ask their doubts freely.

Classes are online. And the teacher and students both have to keep their video and audio on all the times. So it is the best version of online and offline classes.

The classes are live and according to a decided schedule which is convenient for the student. This is not at all a recorded class, but totally live with the teacher teaching the student just as a normal home tuition.

Here the video and audio of students are always on. So there is no scope of student missing out on learning at any time. Also since there is only one student in front of the teacher, so there is no lagging behind or shyness in asking doubts. Also the teacher gives homework and checks homework in each class before teaching new concepts.

100 % individual attention to students, which is the need of the hour. Also high performance coaching can be provided with some of the techniques used from coaching in athletics and classical music. Besides the best practices of academic coaching for high intensity exams in India and the world. Most importantly the teacher can keep track of student’s daily progress, daily practice and any special attention needed to some concepts. Also revision and practice which are very critical to learning are tracked continually by the teacher.
All the teachers are IITians/Doctors/NITians/Experts with 5-10 years of experience in teaching for IIT JEE and NEET exams. Most importantly, we also ensure that the teachers are empathetic enough to be able to connect to each student at an individual level and maintain a professional but effective rapport with the students. They become virtual parents of the students with respect to academics.

Yes, we will provide the study material relevant for the exam. However, we mostly provide softcopy study material, practice material, tests and some critical recorded videos. We try to avoid hardcopy material as much as possible in line with our ethos of Online learning. However, where absolutely needed we will provide relevant hardcopy books and also suggest to purchase any extra books as per need.

 We have a clear mechanism where the teacher and student both fill the concepts/topics covered in each session, so as to keep track of the progress and remaining chapters. Also a chief mentor is appointed for each student whose work is to call the students and keep track of the progress and any issues. And try to resolve issues as fast as possible.

We follow a multi-tiered process to ensure high quality and consistent teaching standards for each student. It starts with ensuring that qualified, experienced and empathetic teachers are only selected. Then we have an extensive training for each of our teachers. Then we ensure we talk to each student in detail and understand their learning styles and pair them with teachers who will be most effective with such students. Finally we have a chief mentor assigned to each student who is always in touch with the student to ensure they are loving the classes and actually learning the concepts and are able to apply those while solving questions. We believe in getting students to study, and not just teaching them and leave.

Yes. We will refund you the amount for the classes on pro-rata basis of every month of classes that have already happened.

We take our own mock tests for the students. And our mocks are exactly aligned to the actual exam, since we don’t want to teach the students unnecessarily tough concepts like many prominent coaching centers which break the confidence of the students. We believe in positive reinforcement and encouragement to do well, and we practice is thoroughly.

The batches for JEE 2-year courses are starting in June 2021. However, batches for different courses start at different times of the year, and we would love to help you understand the timings. So kindly reach out to know more.

We send a progress report of each student to their parents every month to keep them updated on progress. Also we do a Parent Teacher meeting every 15 days initially and every month after first 3 PTMs to keep the parents updated, understand their concerns and resolve them as best as possible. Also the Chief mentor of the student is available for discussion anytime of the day everyday with the parent.

Yes. We in fact insist that we arrange a Zoom call for the parent and student with our Chief Academic Officer, who is an IITian and been teaching for JEE for more than 10 years himself.

Yes. We can arrange a demo class if you feel the need for it. Trust us when you say, it will be tough for you to move away from us once you have attended a demo class. The one to one sessions are intense but very effective and fulfilling.

You join an institute to learn. And get an excellent score and rank in the target exam. Pracbee helps you do exactly that. Through first of its kind one to one coaching for high intensity exams like IIT JEE. If you want to crack the exam, PracBee should be your ideal partner and not an institute which does not focus on every student, but tries to create only a few toppers.

You can pay for the course through all these methods – On our website through Net Banking or debit/credit cards. Or you can also transfer the amount directly in PracBee account, for which we can send you the account details.

Your classes will start as soon as you are ready. Since there is no batch but only you, so there is no delay in starting as early as possible towards your goal.

*Terms and Conditions for Result Guarantee

Attendance: 100% attendance in the scheduled live classes and mentoring sessions is a must.

5% misses can be allowed in attendance for health reasons, which must be accompanied with a medical certificate.

Assignments/Tests: The student must do and submit all class assignments and homework in time, take the monthly tests and other tests/mocks as per the schedule.

Time & Effort: Students are expected to put in their best efforts in learning as their time is of critical importance.

Parents must attend PTMs regularly and share feedback for improvement in learning.