JEE & NEET Live Preparation with IITians and Doctors

India's Only Result Guarantee* Live Course

It has been proven that personalized attention leads to improved learning outcomes.

Our One-on-One teaching for JEE and NEET is 10 times more effective than any other coaching.

PracBee way

We are the only organization in India to provide 99 percentile result guarantee*. We teach one-on-one live through IITians and Doctors. And we not only teach via best teachers but ensure practice and track progress for high performance in the exam.

Personalized and Futuristic One-on-One Teaching

Our coaching model is based on one to one teaching for NEET which is focused around personalized and dedicated attention to individual students.

IITian/Doctors/Experienced Teachers

Learn from experienced IITian & Doctors and Expereinced teachers who have gone through the journey themselves. We not only teach, but also guide and mentor NEET students throughout the rigorous NEET preparation process.

Guided, Daily Practice

Daily practice is the only way to prepare effectively for NEET exam. At Pracbee, we focus on building concepts through rigorous, guided practice.

Strategy and Mentoring Sessions

Each child has unique strengths and capabilities and is at different preparation level. Our personalized, 1:1 strategy sessions help define a clear preparation plan for NEET exam.

Cracking “Tough” NEET Topics

We focus on strengthening core NEET concepts, building on existing knowledge and doubt solving across “tough” topics for each student.

Clear Refund Policy

At PracBee, our job is to help you succeed in your dream exam. If at any point, you are not happy with our classes, we refund your monney – no questions aksed (On pro-rata basis).


IIT JEE 2021

Quick hacks to score 99%ile in JEE Main 2021.
Student-centric one-on-one live classes by experienced IITian teachers for all subjects.

IIT JEE 2022 & 2023

Student centric one-on-one and one-to-five live classes for
1 and 2 year to crack IIT JEE by experienced
IITian teachers.

NEET Booster 2021

Quick revision for Physics or any other subjects with IITian and Doctor teachers for NEET 2021.

NEET 2022 & 2023

Student centric one-on-one and one-to-five live classes for 1 and 2 year to crack NEET by experienced IITian and Doctor teachers.

Our Achievers

Numbers speak

0 +
Years of Combined Experience in Education
0 +
Students taught for IIT-JEE Mains and Advance
0 +
Students in top IITs and many more in NITs
0 +
Students in top IITs and many more in NITs

*Terms and Conditions for Result Guarantee

The student must attend 100% of the scheduled live classes and mentoring sessions.
The student must do and submit all class assignments and homework.
The student must take the monthly tests and other tests/mocks in time.
5% misses allowed in attendance for health reasons, but should be accompanied with medical certificate.
If the student does not get the guaranteed percentile, PracBee will teach the student for free for an extra year to get the guaranteed result.
If the student does not get this result even after that, PracBee will refund the entire tuition fees to the student. (GST excluded)

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