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    Mental Aptitude is the most critical Academic skill for students in the current age of competitions. Moreover, it also helps strengthen a child’s analyzing power and develop problem-solving skills. Right from Grade 10 competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiads to NDA, Law, Engineering, IP MAT, CUET, SAT, MBA, Banking, UPSC, GATE, GRE, GMAT, SSC or even to crack interviews, your child needs to give an Aptitude test. This course makes it easy for them to crack these exams by enhancing their IQ, Critical thinking and Creativity.

    IITian Teachers & Mentors

    We use the best teachers available trained especially in Personalized teaching and ensuring each student learns effectively.

    Amandeep Singh

    Amandeep Singh

    B.Tech from IIT Delhi, 10+ years of experience

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    Ashish bhaskar

    B.Tech. from IIT-Delhi (2009), 11+ years of experience

    Devesh Singh

    IIT-Delhi (2008) ;10+ years of teaching experience

    Puran Chand

    IIT-Delhi (2008); 8+ years of experience

    Goutam Pal

    IIT Kharagpur, 4+ years of JEE teaching experience

    Himanshu Mamtani

    IIT Kanpur; 7+ years of experience

    Amrita Kumari

    B.Tech from IIT BHU (2014); 8+ years of experience

    Why PracBee?

    Personalized & Futuristic Teaching

    Two way Audio and Video – To ensure that the student is engaged & understands the concepts.

    1:1 Live Online classes – Focus on one student at a time.


    Practice work – For every one class , we give 2-3 hours of practice work.

    Certificate of completion – Aptitude master certificate for students who complete the entire practice series besides the class work.

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    Students in top IITs and NITs

    What students & parents say about us

    “Shival Sir is one of the most impactful teachers I have met. Be it his unique way of explaining considerably hard maths concepts easily, or his critical time management and exam temperament tips, he helped me at every stage of my preparation. Meeting him gave me a different and deeper understanding of what I was lacking. I feel lucky to have been taught by him.”

    Ayush Garg

    AIR 28; JEE MAIN

    “Shival Sir has the incredible ability to take convoluted concepts and break them down into intuitive nuggets of knowledge. While my time as his student I couldn’t admire less his ability to relate mathematical concepts to the day-to-day phenomenon. I’m eternally grateful to him for giving me a strong foundation in math.”

    Akshat Prakash

    Computer Science; Carnegie Mellon University

    They provided me with all the help in my drop year for JEE Mains from the comfort of my home. They have a talented team which made my learning interesting.

    Nitish Itankar

    NIT Rourkela

    “Gaurav sir has helped my daughter connect to Physics better than she had done school or her coaching. She has got her confidence back and looks forward to the classes. The daily practice tracker also helps me check how effective the learning is. “

    Pratima Madhukar


    “The One-on-one classes by Pracbee teachers has really helped my son understand concepts in depth. The teachers are ready to explain the same concept as long as it takes to clarify it. They are always available for doubts. But most importantly they have instilled a love for practice in my son. Much better than the reputed national coaching my son attended for 2 years.”

    Anu Baranwal


    “Teachers cleared my weak concepts. Shival sir motivated me a lot and also helped me to create my own strategy for solving the paper. What helped me the most was that Shivaal and Gaurav sir helped me in creating a strategy to maximize my score. My suggestion to students would be to focus more on NCERT books (especially chemistry) and to have clear concepts.”

    Ananya Madan

    94.65; JEE Main Feb 2021

    “I took my live online classes with PracBee for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Their course turned out to be transformational for me and helped me in maximizing my score. Teachers were available 24*7 for my doubt solving and classes gave me that much-needed guidance and push which eventually showed in my results. I would suggest all JEE aspirants trust PracBee and its mentorship.”

    Jaspreet Randhawa

    IIT Delhi(CSE)

    Faculty & HoD

    What you get when you Enrol with us

    We ensure every student is fully equipped to improve their learning significantly

    Live Classes
    Live Classes
    Repository of Class Notes
    Weekly Feedback
    Regular Aptitude Practice Tests
    Personal Mentor
    Crisp & Updated Study Material
    Learn Fast Calculation